Lake Hair…Don’t Care

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Mother Girl Swimwear Mommy and Me Matching One Piece Beach Wear Family Letters Print Sporty Monokini (Red (Mother), S)

Hi Everyone! I meant to post this last month but life gets in the way! Back in July, we went to Cheat Lake, West Virginia with some family! It was a short one day trip but I was glad to be able to create those memories with Sienna! She absolutely loved it and I was so happy we decided to drive all that way for just one day!

There is just something I love about being out on the water…. the wind blowing your long hair in every direction (usually in my eyes, mouth, and nose), feeling the crazy heat of the sun rays shining down to kiss your skin, the sound of child’s laughter from continually splashing water, and the smile on your child’s face you know will last for days!

If you are still looking for a life vest for your little one…. check out these Speedo Splash Jammers. These are similar to the “Puddle Jumpers” but have the tank style, which I like better because it didn’t slide down on her. And Sienna actually left this on all day, which I was sooooo happy about!

How cute are these Mommy & Me bathing suits? I thought these would be fun for the summer to match. Sienna is definitely my Mini Me in a lot of ways (don’t get me wrong, there are things she gets from AJ, which I adore too) but even AJ says on a constant daily basis how much she is like me.  I’m sure her little personality will change so much over the years. But for now…. she gets it from me 🙂 It makes sense because I am a stay at home Mom with her, so majority of the day… I rub off on her personality. And I will always look back and cherish this time together with her. They grow up so fast that this was a fun and cute Mommy and Me!

Click the image below to see the different color options!!


I ordered a small and it fit true to size but Sienna’s was a size 1-2 T and fit large in the back. I would say this fits true to size because Sienna can wear 9month-12month swim suits still!

Hope you enjoy the little bit of summer left or maybe even the kids are back at school and you are enjoying the quiet! Either way.. hope you have a great day! 


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